Welcome to Saving Secrets

A desolate wasteland. What was once known as Ether, Oklahoma, a quaint little town in the Midwestern United States, has been developed into an industrial zone utilized primarily for extreme missile testing and drilling for any fossil fuels remaining in 2025, approximately eighty years after the conquest of the United States by the Axis powers. His grandfather, blessed be his memory, had told him stories of the time before the invasion of the homeland. A country revered by its citizens as well as its neighbors for being a “melting pot” of different cultures and being founded on a set of principles emphasizing freedom and liberty, the United States sounded like a dream to Zip. Now, Zip and his mother lived in constant fear of the Axis regime, which would force any critics or defectors to evacuate their homes for punishment in either the frigid northern regions of North America or the humid and dangerous Amazon rainforest of South America. All of those deemed to be “former Americans” that met the standards set by the Axis regime (able-bodied, gentile, Japanese or Caucasian) were gathered together in the central regions of the United States, far from the coasts and borders to prevent escape and access to ports and major metropolitan areas. Hence, the Germans continued to occupy the east coast, the Japanese the west coast, and the Italians the Gulf Coast, keeping their technological advances secret from the unfit Americans, who were only taught to operate the machinery they were provided to mine and scavenge the Midwest for natural resources. One day, as sixteen year-old Zip was walking from his designated school to his afternoon job at the nuclear plant, he took his usual shortcut through the woods behind the Drexler launch site, the local testing site which, despite paling in size comparison to other sites, was considered one of the most secretive and high security locations on the continent. As Zip walked around the perimeter of the chain-link steel fence, the electric wire atop the fence ominously and obnoxiously buzzing, he was suddenly tripped up. As he lifted his faced out of the dirt, Zip hopped to his feet and swung his body around to see what exactly had caused this predicament. There on the ground lay a portable computer similar to the one he was permitted to use at work. Curious, Zip opened the computer to find some sort of interactive program in the open tab. The header was in German and therefore incomprehensible to Zip

You are now Zip. Choose wisely and move carefully.

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